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Meet our Empowerment Circles

Empowerment Circles are groups of Esther Women working and meeting collaboratively together as they embark on the Esther Project Challenge.  


Essence of Esther (E.O.E)

  • Leader:  Rev. Phyllis Williams

    • Members throughout NJ, NY,   OH, CA, GA

Precious Gems

  • Leader:  Minister Tawanna Stanley

    • Members throughout NJ  

Empowering Esther Divas

  • Leader:  Patricia Williamson

    • NJ

Women of the Palace

  • Leader:  Minister Alecia Fields

    • Philadelphia, PA

Women of Gill Creek Baptist Church

  • Leader: Min. Erica Williams-Woodley

    • Columbia, SC

Women of Peniel

  • Leader:  Dr. Marian Spellman

    • Johnstown, PA

Reflection of Esther (R.O.E.)

  • Leader:  Adrienne Cox

    • Piscataway, NJ

    • Members throughout NJ, FL, China

Very Hungry Caterpillars

  • Leader - Charisse Cisco 

    • FL, NJ, OH & NY

Women of Excellence of Friendship Baptist Church

  • Leader - First Lady Erica Williams-Woodley

    • Paterson, NJ

Women of New Destiny Christian Ministries

  • Leader:  1st Lady Vanessa Enlow

    • North Brunswick, NJ

Women of Bethel Baptist Church

  • Leader:  Co-Pastor Regina Hoist

    • St. Albans, NY (Queens)

Royal Diadems

  • Katina Reece

    • GA & IA

Queen Ambassadors

  • San Diego, CA


  •  Living Under Victory: Esther

    • Leader -Monica Ashley 

    • NJ & SC

Empowering Esther Divas

  • Leader:  Patricia Williamson

    • NJ

Trust the Process

  • Leader -Nichole Nunes 

    • NJ

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